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my emotion is my work
this way i don't hurt anyone but myself
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03 Aug 2013 - HMD
let me think about this
Welcome to the HMD post. Comments are screened, but not anon.
08 Feb 2012 - Shop details
because im brilliant
Large workshop @ the garage - Owned by Saya - Cinna's paying reasonable rent
Rosella - invested 10 Indigos - no deal for profits, but to be sure, Cinna will be paying her back some way or another. Possibly in many-pocketed dresses.
Road Luke Valentine - several hundred Indigos - Road owns 15% of the business. With Road having left the City, Valentine's taking over the share.
Tony Stark - several hundred Indigos - Tony owns 15% of the business
Solomon - 300 Indigos - He owns 10%
Rudy Miller/Campbell Bain - fifteen Indigos - Rudy owns 2%, Campbell 1%, of the business

Kazuo Kiriyama - Office work/finances
Katniss and Rue - Personal assistants and interns
Flynn Rider - Deliveries and purchasing
Angela Montenegro - Design consultation, merchandizing, decoration
Rose Tyler - Floor and appointments

&passionné [boutique] [private consultation suite] [boutique director's office]
passionné is the home of the City's haute couture. Every season brings new lines and new trends in men's and women's designs. The dropped ceiling pieces give a feeling of intimacy in a large space, letting the City's fashion-forward citizens feel like each nook is a private shop for just for them. Each little space even has a small set of speakers, allowing recorded music, music from the small stage in the corner, or even the ambient melodies of the City to be piped through softly, each set of harmonies leading the patrons from space to space.

The spiral staircase leads one to the second floor, where a number of private consultation rooms reside. For a modestly elegant fee, one can get an appointment with a trained Stylist who can guide them in their choices and arrange for alterations or even commission one-of-a-kind creations. Those rare few who are invited, may find themselves in the Boutique Director's office, receiving a personal consultation in his private workspace.

From passionné, one can also enjoy the tasty decadence of the next-door cafe satiné or the pampering of the adjacent salon lustré.

&cafe satiné [cafe]
Tucked next to the modern passionné, cafe satiné is a quiet study in classic elegance. Serving french-styled pastries and Italian espressos, the cafe has entrances to both the street, passionné and salon lustré.

It is an independent business in its own right, but the helpful waitstaff will also take orders from, and deliver your refreshments to, the private consultation rooms or the salon.

&salon lustré [salon]
Behind cafe satiné and adjacent to passionné, salon lustré is a high-end salon with a complete range of hair care and styling consultation services. Cut, color, style and even make-up is applied with the sure and nimble fingers of professionally-trained artists.

It is entered through passionné or cafe satiné.
dont you think this is funny?
[There's a clatter as the device falls to the ground, showing the morning light through the windows of passionné. As Cinna picks it up, you can see the various racks, ready for customers, and in the background, you can hear the gurgle and hiss of the morning crowd filtering into cafe satiné.

You can hear him chuckle as he realizes that the device clicked on.]

Well, since you can all see we're open this morning, I'll invite you down. I'll even make you a bargain, come by sometime today and with every purchase, I'll give you a discount at the salon.

[ooc: open action at the shop, the cafe or the salon, or feel free to chat via voice.]
07 Dec 2011 - 26th Design [text]
finding the center
I ask only two things.
Let them all survive.
Let her be happy.

[ooc: He has no idea this has posted.]
01 Dec 2011 - 25th Design [voice]
i think i can deal with this
Well, that was a... rather bracing month.

I'm certain that most of you already knew about Ms. Angela Montenegro's return to her home, I've taken care of her things, packed what I could, but if there is anything anyone would like before I donate the remaining items to the Welcome Center, please, let me know.

In the hopes that this holiday season is a pleasant one, my businesses, passionné, salon lustré and even cafe satiné will be having weekly specials through the end of the year. Feel free to come by and see what's available.

[ooc: Off hiatus and slowly getting back to things. Assume that Cinna was so broken by his recent losses that he's been buried in work and hardly going out. He's now pretending that everything's okay. HE LIES.]
have to look away
Peeta Mellark, Finnick Odair and Katniss Everdeen have returned to their home. They left with the rest of the guests. I apologize if this causes an inconvenience for anyone.

Angela, Ginny, Finnick left some things for you. As well as for a Mr. Eames and a Ms. Lucy Pevensie.

Action for those who want it.Collapse )
02 Oct 2011 - 23rd Design [video]
heres looking at you
[The video opens to Cinna, dressed with his usual simple elegance, sitting behind his desk with a smile. He's a little tired, but it's understandable when you hear his announcement.]

Welcome friends new and old. I'd like to extend an invitation to tonight's re-opening of passionné, the City's premier hub of fashion and style. There will be music, refreshments and plenty to see and enjoy and no one will be turned away - so if you're here to stay or just for the weekend, you're welcome to come say hello.

I look forward to seeing you.

[OOC: This is dated to last night and sorry for the lateness! 4th wallers are welcome of all forms, including doubles, although doubles should probably steer clear of the party log as not all muns may be comfortable with it. For all interested in coming to the party, the log is HERE and open. Thanks!]
11 Sep 2011 - 22nd Design [voice]
unamused dear
[Shortly after midnight, Cinna's voice is something close to a plaintive wail as he finally gets the voice function to work instead of of the video. He is really not having the best weekend.]

I am a Stylist City, I command obscene sums from my clients and back home I am one of the most influential, if not the most influential Stylist in all of Panem!

You can not make all of my clothes disappear! I have a business to run!

[He takes a deep breath.] I realize it's late, but Katniss, Peeta, I'll be staying in the office all day behind closed doors.

No visitors.

[ooc: Since Cinna's entire business is clothing, everything at passione - all clothing, male and female that could fit Cinna has disappeared. Also, anything he tries to alter will disappear from his fingers. Black Bars, today, ladies and gentlemen and he is NOT happy about it.]
30 Aug 2011 - 21st Design [text]
now heres the plan

Back home, around this time of year, the various Stylists of the Capitol would start previewing their fall and winter lines. While I don't think this City has any such formal method for those of us in the business, nevertheless I feel that I should keep to tradition.

So next month, passionné will be closing for a week and at the end of that week, we will be hosting a fall fashion exhibition and I'd like to invite the entire City to join us in celebration.

To that end, I am looking for caterers, musicians, and artisans of all kinds who would like to join in the celebration, exhibiting their talents and wares for the evening.

If you are interested, you can reply here or in person at passionné.

[ooc: The following are all voice messages, all replies will be voice.]

[Private to Ginny]

I'm going to need a little magical assistance for this, as well as just your personal attendance. Are you interested?

[Private to passionné employees]

This will entail quite a bit of work on all our parts, if any of you have friends or acquaintances that are needing employment, I'll be hiring extra help. And of course, anyone who performs well might be kept on past the event. Fall and winter are always busy seasons in fashion.

[Private to the Games crew]
[He's faking a serious voice.] I need models, you're all drafted. [He pauses for effect before letting out a light chuckle.]

But in all seriousness, if you really have something better to do, or would rather work behind the scenes, I can find others. I'd prefer my favorite models, but I won't insist.

[Private to Angela]

Is it too early to ask you to be my date for the evening? And perhaps model something special?
11 Aug 2011 - 20th Design [voice]
so im just supposed to sit here
Please tell me that I'm not the only one that thinks the silver hair of a unicorn gathered under the full moon is a little much to pay for one's morning coffee?

...and as an aside, passionné, cafe satiné, and salon lustré will be closed until my staff stops insisting that Laszlo Jamf's glasses are the going rate for a trim. All staff will be paid a partial day's wages, assuming they don't actually find, what was it... ah, yes, the golden egg of a goose for their morning pastry.

What sort of curse is this, anyway?
18 Jun 2011 - 19th Design [video]
i think i can deal with this
[Have a nice, interior shot of a very full passionné and a swivel to a very happy Cinna, standing on the stairs to the second floor.]

Well, I'll certainly say this is a nice way to cap off that week. Full house all around, my reputation must precede me.

If there's anyone here that would like to say hello, I'll be here at the shop, come on by.

[ooc: Anything goes, just don't tell him he's supposed to be played by Lenny Kravtiz.]
05 Jun 2011 - 18th Design [video]
psycho crazy
[Welcome to the falling and spinning image of Cinna's office and workroom. Finally spinning to a stop on the ground, you're in time to see a dress form fall to the ground. The dress on it is half-done, a few ribbons and scraps of fabric hanging off, which might explain (or not) why the dress is suddenly pounced on by Cinna, who is already covered by a number of ribbons and bits of string. With a hand he starts batting and pulling at the flapping bits of fabric, laughing as they move and unravel. Those who know him will notice that he's rarely seemed so... gleeful. It seems acting like a cat suits him a bit.

In the background, there's another crash and Cinna's head pops up, turning to see a large spool of iridescent thread rolling by, followed by an equally happy and giggling Katniss. She, too, seems to be enjoying herself quite a bit. He watches her for a moment, maybe two, twitching a little before he gets up with a burst of energy to chase after them both.]

Katniss! Share! I want that one, it's shiny! Stop! I want to play with that one!

[They both disappear off-screen and there's another crash, followed by a playful hiss. The sound of two people laughing and wrestling follows, and then the spool rolls back the other way across the camera's view. Another beat and now both Katniss and Cinna scramble over the ground after it, crashing into the dress form and knocking into the camera again, turning it off.]

[ooc: Never leave cats in fabric stores or shops, kids, bad things happen.]
bitch please
To all of those invited to the private tours of passionné today, I have to apologize in advance. You are still more than welcome to come by, but I warn you that everything of value has been covered to protect it from my more recent... acquisitions. And speaking of, does anyone know what this one is?

[The camera clicks on for a moment to show a Resplendant Quetzal perched on his arm.]

I recognize the others, but this one is a mystery to me.

[In the background, you can also see three peacocks. All of them are tethered to Cinna's wrist by fine silver chains.

Suddenly the device is dropped and when it stops bouncing and spinning, you can look up to see Cinna batting at his head.]

That is my ear you buzzing little menace, not a flower!

[Stopping, he sinks back into his office chair and as he reaches for the device on the floor, you can see a tiny pair of hummingbirds, their needle-like beaks poking at Cinna's head, probably wondering where all of their delicious nectar had gotten to. They too are tethered, the chains so thin as to almost be invisible, but they glint in the afternoon light coming in the office.

Rubbing the side of his face, he sighs before he speaks.]

As I said, you can still come, just... advising you of the situation.

[He turns the camera off.]
but thats just stupid
[Here's Cinna, standing outside, next to your typical covered wagon. He's in, gasp, common clothing and a big floppy hat which is currently held in his hand as he scratches his head.]

Why won't it move forward?

[He kicks the wheel and the entire wagon leans.]

...That wasn't supposed to happen was it?

[ooc: Cinna is a banker, which means rich, but skill-less. Oops. Good luck fixing that axle, right? Party members include Billy and possibly Rue. Anyone else care to join?]
ze curses: what the hell is this?!?!
[The camera clicks on into a semi-dark bedroom. The early morning sun shines weakly through curtains and blinds to show a bed, covers all askew. An alarm goes off and the covers move as whoever is underneath them starts to slide out of bed...

...and falls to the floor with a surprised bark.

From the far edge of the bed, the head of adog and blinks a few times. A paw is clumsily set on top of the covers and he looks at it, eyes wide.

With the alarm still going off in the distance, you can just hear a soft whine as the dog looks at his paw again, and then over to the alarm clock.

It's going to be a very long day.]

[ooc: We're just going to assume that all three of the dog icons are of the same dog, mmmkay? They're close matches but not perfect. Today Cinna is an Italian Greyhound which is like a "toy" version of a normal greyhound. He's about 20 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs about 18lbs.

Apartment-mates can probably hear the alarm (if they're not cursed themselves) and action for them is welcome. Heck, if anyone wants to action something out he will be walking around the City later in the day. Just because he's a dog doesn't mean he can't go check on construction at the shop. Anyone else will have to be video.

Also, I'll tag when I get back this afternoon, I just wanted to get this up now.]
07 Feb 2011 - 13th Design [voice]
now heres the plan
Alright, citizens. I know this is absolutely going to break your heart, but my shop will be closing for awhile while I inventory and prepare to move my shop to its new location.

But fret not, when the shop re-opens in a month or thereabouts, we'll be having a celebration of all the wondrous fashion to be found in the City. I invite anyone who has a particular sense of fashion, traditional garb from your home, fantastical designs of your own creation, to come onstage and how your pride and your talent. For those who have the creativity, but not the skill or the supplies, I have a new workshop that has, and will be, hiring local workers who can help bring your designs to life.

When I have a final completion date from my contractors, I'll be able give a more exact date, but I am aiming for middle to late next month.

And speaking of my new business venture, I'm happy to say that I'll finally be able to be a full-service stylist as I was back home, combining my talents in clothing, accessories, hair and make-up into what I hope will become a premier destination for my fellow citizens.

But, as wonderful as I can be, I'm unable to do this alone, so I am looking for some talented employees, in sales, garment construction, hair styling, as well as business management - because while I can sculpt the summer wind into a lady's tresses with glee, balancing ledgers and setting schedules bores me to tears.

Also, anyone with experience in the, what was it called... barista! That's it, the barista business - you would be greatly appreciated as the salon I've acquired came with a fully-stocked coffee shop. A nice bonus, because who wouldn't like a lovely cup of tea or a nice latte while trying on shoes or having your hair done?

And now I've said quite enough, so I'll leave you be.

Thank you and have a lovely evening.

[Private to Ariadne and Angela]

Ladies, I want to thank you both again for your assistance with this venture. I do hope I don't become more of a hindrance than a help as you work with me on this.
but thats just stupid
No, no, no... The entrance needs to split the salon and the shop proper, the space needs to be open, inviting, calming. No narrow entrance hallways.

What about the buzzer?

There will be no buzzer.

So, buddy, how about we do this? Leave the separate doors, an' the walls, and just make a bunch of interior doors between the two.

Have you listened to one word I've said? It is an... immersion experience, surrounded by beauty, transformed by it. Yes, there has to be distinct areas, but distinct doesn't mean closed off and cavernous.

So... we gotta match the decor between the two?

...yes. We will be redecorating everything. Perhaps we should discuss the lighting or audio systems.

There's gonna be sound?


[ooc: Dated to this afternoon. Cinna has no idea this is being broadcast. He HATES contractors.]
13 Jan 2011 - 11th Design [voice]
shut up im working
Despite the rather troubling events happening, business, apparently, marches on. In this case, mine. I've discovered that I'm it a bit of a bind; my success, while to be expected, has had three, well mostly two, rather unfortunate results.

Firstly, I have more than enough commissions to keep me busy for the next several months, and yet I'd like to take on more, expand my repertoire, and that necessitates hiring more help to assist in production which I don't currently have enough currency to hire.

Secondly, I need more space, even if I don't expand, my current workshop is getting too small for my purposes. Again, my lack of currency is an obstacle.

So despite my inclination to remain sole owner, I'm looking for investors who, for a respectable investment, will be given a percentage of ownership in my works.

If you happen to have any interest, please let me know, I have some ideas for my eventual expansion that I would be more than happy to share with you.
you have no right
[This is Cinna.
This is Cinna reading the network. It's silent as the realization finally dawns on him.
This is Cinna dropping the network device and the sound of his receding footsteps and a shout, barely heard before the door slams shut.]

Rue? Finnick!

[The device remains silent before it times out, only to click on again, much later. This time you can see Cinna, sitting in his living room, deceptively calm.]

Greetings, City. If I may, a moment of your time.

It's come to my attention that a rather peculiar Game is being played today. It's a popular one back home, and I simply can't resist playing along so tell me, should one want to sponsor one of our noble and talented Tributes, who should I talk to?

And if you're interested in sponsoring anyone, I have several suggestions I'd like to make, you won't be sorry.

After all, some bets never change.

[ooc: Back-dated to early this morning, just after Katniss' post. Also, he responses might be strange and vague - he's going into Capitol mode and you just don't scream about rescuing people in public at times like these.]
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